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We value our patient's feedback as we continually strive to serve patients by helping them live active and fulfilling lives. Read and watch our patient stories below and check out additional ratings and comments on Yelp and Google. If we had the pleasure of working with you, we would value your feedback.  


"I was experiencing some back and leg pain for unknown reasons, and David Lee got me on exercises and stretches that would work out my hamstrings and back. Not stopping there, he also helped me add in a variety of related body stretches and workouts that would get me in better overall healthy shape. I recall going someplace else in my teenage years and essentially being told to “try touching your toes more often,” and this treatment was so much more thorough and exact." -Kyle S.



"I saw David Lee for 8 sessions, we worked extensively on my problem areas and I was confident from the beginning that he was going to help me. He listened to me and adjusted my therapy until my back was no longer in pain. The results after 6 sessions were amazing, and by 8 I felt 100% better! I would recommend their practice to anyone in need of a physical therapist!" -Anna S.



"I really enjoyed working with David whom I would recommend to anyone. David is very thorough and detailed in his explanation of the problems you are encountering. He takes time in the beginning to work with you and ensure you understand the issues and how to fix them. David provides detailed one on one feedback and is always very warm and welcoming in answering questions. I went in for lower back issues and they took time to work with me, teach me the appropriate exercises and ensure I have the necessary knowledge to continue the training independently. Since I was preparing to travel overseas I could not continue my routine scheduled training but I’ve gained enough knowledge to continue working on my own. He is very patient and never shows any frustration when working with you. I was very pleased with the sessions i had and i definitely would recommend anyone to give them a try."  -Omi K.